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Champion Iris- commission by chikorita85
Commission Jay-Law by Ross-86
Iris by Mujinai
The Princess of The Village of Dragons~ by BrickercupMasterX3
Lost The Bet Again by IlleCapello
Poolside Iris by maddland
[Wizards AU] Iris by Belen125
Iris and Friends
PokeGirl Star Power! (Update, Named) by ryanthescooterguy
PokeGirl Star Power! (Update) by ryanthescooterguy
PKMN V (V.4) - Swimsuit Girls by Blue90
Commission_Orion-Sama by Miyuki-Tsukiyono
Iris Pairs
[Pokemon Black and White] Little Kid by Display-This-Anyway
[CM] Axel-Letterman 1-  Pokegirl Limo Ride by SavyIsJoshoArts
WishfulShipping screenshot by EloTheDreamgirl
CHARMS SatoSHIP Set B: Negai by Vulpixi-Misa
Iris and Family
Drayden and Iris by EpikalStorms
Take this by Amburu-hime
Salad Hair by mailman-dragonite
The conoisseur trio's prank by Karasu-96
Iris Stamp by PrincessLilligant
Free: Iris and Dawn Stamp by IniSama
stamp: iris by NozomiSusumu
Champion Iris by Marlenesstamps

Welcome~! <3

:iconshinyheartplz: Welcome to Iris-FC! :iconshinyheartplz:
Thank you charlot-sweetie for making Iris a plz! 83
This is a group for the newest poke-girl on the scene, the wild girl Iris from Isshu/Unova! She will be traveling with Ash and Dento in the new “Best Wishes” anime!:XD: Are you excited to see more of her cause she looks just adorable and fun already?! Then this is the group for you! :meow: :sun:
:note: Yes this group is also if you love Iris as the Gym Leader seen in Pokemon White and and recurring character in Pokemon Black! :sun:
:star: General Rules of Iris-FC :star:
1) To join the group, you should be a fan of Iris~! :clap:
2) Please be respectful to your other members, whether they agree with you about certain topics or disagree! :)
3) Please don’t send us chain mail or spam to clutter our inbox, it’ll delay updates! :no:
4) Not a fan of Iris? That’s fine; please leave the group and the members alone then. C8 We respect your opinion as long as you respect ours. ^^ You will be reported if you come and flame.
5) Pokemon is a family friendly series, so we also wish to keep this group family friendly! So please don't overuse cussing and such! :meow:
5) Have fun being in the group! That’s what I made it for. ;D
6) Questions? Comments? Concerns? :note: the group or the owner, Deidarakitty at any time if so! :3

:star: Joining Iris-FC:star:
1) Just click the “Join Group” button on our page, feel free to write anything in there you wish as well. :D Your message will be read and you’ll be in the group ASAP. :heart:

:star: Submitting to Iris-FC’s Gallery :star:
We adore submissions and would be happy to showcase almost any Iris piece made with effort and love that you send us! :heart:
1) Please go into the group’s gallery and find the proper folder. ^^ Our Folders function as follows:
~Iris (for pictures of Iris alone or with her pokemon :meow:)
~Iris and Friends (Pictures of her and other people shown in non-romantic ways :))
~Iris Pairs (Romantic pictures of Iris and someone else :love:)
~Iris and Family (Pictures of Iris and her family, like her dad or maybe siblings if she has any :XD:)
~Fanfiction (Writings by fans that include Iris in them. c8)
~Stamps (For any stamps you make that support Iris or an Iris Pair ;D)
2) When in the Proper Folder, please click the button that says “Submit to Folder” and follow the instructions. =3
3) When your work is approved it’ll appear in the gallery. :sun:

:note: Pokemon is a family friendly series, so any "mature" artworks submitted will be handled by a case by case basis that'll include the content and if a mature warning is placed on the piece. We wanna be a group that is enjoyable for all ages! :D

:w00t: What is Glady Accepted to the Group! :w00t:
:thumbsup:Fanart with Iris! Alone, with her Pokémon or paired is fine! :D
:thumbsup:Fanfics with Iris having a prominent part in it! :nod:
:thumbsup:Cosplay of Iris. <3
:thumbsup:Base work with proper crediting! :)
:thumbsup:Much more or basically anything not in the below list. :XD:

:police: What is NOT Accepted into the Group :police:
:thumbsdown: ART THEFT, you will also be reported and kicked out of the group for this one. :no:
:thumbsdown: Screencaps/screenshots/official artwork posted normally or edited over. dA doesn’t allow them, and we’ll be in trouble for accepting them! ^^; The only expection dA seems to allow is stamps, so that's our exception as well.
:thumbsdown:General/random Pokemon work. This is a group for Iris, not a general Pokemon work so your art/fics/etc would be better off somewhere else. :no:
:thumbsdown: ANTI-IRIS WORK. This includes, but is not limited to; pictures of someone killing Iris, work depicting Iris is a bad light and any ANTI-IRIS!PAIRING art. Especially for the pairing one, even if Iris isn't being degraded in it, we don't wanna start drama! Spread the love, not the hate! :heart: :no:
----- "Bad light" means depicting Iris in a non-positive way that would upset Iris fans. For example, if the picture has Iris stabbing another girl in the work, Iris acting as the "mean girl" in a fanfiction or Iris abusing one of her Pokemon, then this will not be accepted. Any general hate art directly towards a certain other character, even if it isn't against Iris, will not be accepted. :no:
----Pictures of Iris beating someone in a Pokemon battle or defending herself against an unknown assailant do not fall under "hate art". Pokemon battles are often friendly competitions and as long as the assailant is not another Pokemon character, then the artwork is perfectly acceptable to the group.
:thumbsdown: Anything that violates dA policy, such as GRAPHIC PORN-HATE ART-ETC. :no:
---Since Iris is an underaged character, we do not accept "sexy" or "sexual" pictures of Iris because those go against the site's policy.


:star: Affiliating with Iris-FC:star:
1) We love affiliations and will happily affiliate with any PRO group, whether you’re in the Pokemon fandom or not. ;D We love spreading the love, not the hate. :3
2) To affiliate, go to your group’s page and click the “Affiliate” button near the top of the page. Put our name in and send out the request. C8 :handshake:

:faq: Question or concern not answered here? Just note the group or Deidarakitty then! I'd be happy to clear it up. :)
Because if we didn't spoil it, someone else would :lol:

Hey there Iris fans! :heart:

As most of you might have known before, Iris is NOT in GYM LEADER in Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 :(

But did you know know she DOES appear in the games?

It has recently been confirmed that Iris is THE NEW UNOVA CHAMPION IN POKEMON BLACK 2 AND POKEMON WHITE 2! :iconcheerplz: (Source, check under "Elite Four & Champion Spoilers" in the newest spoiler section for Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 ;P)

:iconcheerplz: Isn't that exciting? I was worried she disappeared from the game before :noes: I'm super excited to hear she is the champion now! Check out her cool new look :eager:

So what does everyone else think? :meow: Are you excited to hear Iris is the champion too? Do you like her new look? :heart: Are you extra excited to play the game now? Comment and discuss here if you'd like! :D

Thanks for reading :la: Have a lovely day! :wave:
More Journal Entries


:heart: Our lovely partners, thank you for affiliating with us~! C8 We will affiliate with any group that asks, as long as you're not a hate group for anything. ^^ :heart:

:new: Members with groups may ask to be advertised here or the journal as well! C8

:spotlight-left::sun: Affiliation Activities :sun::spotlight-right:

:bulletgreen: :iconwishfulshipping: (Wishfulshipping) :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: Wishfulshipping Summer Raffle Event!
:bulletgreen: Draw/write Wishfulshipping (Cilan x Iris) in a summer theme!
:bulletgreen: Deadline: August 10th 2014
:bulletgreen: All entrants will be entered in a raffle at the end.
:bulletgreen: Prizes currently include a 3 months subscription to deviantART and 100 points!
:bulletgreen: More Info:

Group Info

Iris fans unite! :heart:

Iris-FC is a fun group for fans of the new girl in the Pokemon Best Wishes series; Iris! :heart:

She is also the 8th Gym Leader in Pokemon White, has a reoccurring role in Pokemon Black and is the Champion in Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.
Founded 7 Years ago
Aug 5, 2010

North America

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ZhaoYun5 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi I just joined, I draw Iris, "hopefully well by other people's standards"
Anon371 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
I ship Iris with Ash :D
IamACommentator Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sooooo much Iris haters out there
Aw man I'm gonna have to ignore them
BDOG375 Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Just wanted to know how long it takes for art to be accepted here :3
awesomejellystar Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
BlooperO Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015  Student Filmographer
I used to not like Iris because of Emolga, but now that I think about it Iris is...kind of adorable. :)
Call-Of-The-Indie Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I recently started seeing Iris in a new light. She may have called Ash a kid several times over, but that's usually all that the Iris haters will bring up. I don't blame her for that anymore, as Ash severely regressed in skills in the BW series, and Iris obviously pointed that out; it was merely noting his character flaws that didn't sit well with fans, and I find that understandable in her part, despite constantly bringing that up.
Iris is a very strong trainer, both in the games and in the anime. Even more so in the anime, for being a very skilled battler; I mean, she did manage to retame her Excadrill and teach it Focus Blast, catch a very strong Dragonite and know how to use it, and so on. Plus, she had an easy time connecting with her Pokemon and wild Pokemon, a gift that not many trainers have. All in all, I would consider her misunderstood.
Rumibelle Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Iris is very misunderstood, quite like Cilan, actually (only with less fangirls) :( I honestly didn't see anything wrong with her calling Ash a kid, honestly, the fandom gets so upset about it, yet Ash doesn't even care, he kind of just ignores it and moves on unlike the fandom. And in reality, she doesn't even say it as much as everyone makes it out, especially after the first season of best wishes.
I actually love Iris for the fact that she was the one who did all of the scouting in the group and really tried hard to understand her pokemon. I thought it was awesome when she had those moments of communicating mentally with dragonite and axew. I agree with you that she did some pretty cool stuff and was a great trainer.
Although I admit that Best Wishes had flaws (like the aborted arcs and rushed league), it was still better than some of the other seasons, but almost no one complains about them. But if everyone spent more time watching Best Wishes and less time hating on it, no one would have anything to complain about, so...
Call-Of-The-Indie Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep. It's not as bad when you consider rushed and scrapped stories that severely limit character development. She's cool though, she had more personality in the anime than in the games.
All in all, I'm starting to like her more than I care about Serena (which is not at all for the latter, btw).
Rumibelle Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I much prefer Iris in the anime. Yeah, Iris was ten times better than Serena, although I still like Serena, but Iris was definitely more plot involved, had better dialogue, actually spoke and interacted with Cilan (I've Seriously only seen Serena talk to Clement, like, once), had a cool personality, wasn't afraid to do her own thing and go against Ash, actually helped the group out, didn't have to do stereotypically "girl" things etc. Yet Serena is worshipped and Iris is loathed. It makes no sense. Again, I like Serena, but it's not fair to Iris.
(2 Replies)
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